Bobby mcgee pink sings

Those that I played with, those that nursed me, those that I nursed. God, and I outliving them. I, the least and the worst - I, that thought myself crafty, snared by this herd of swine, In the tortures of hell and desolate, stripped of all that was mine All. - my friends and my fathers - the silver heads of yore That trooped to the council, the children that ran to the open bobby mcgee pink sings Crying with innocent voices and clasping a fathers bobby mcgee pink sings. And mine, my wife - my daughter - my sturdy climber of trees Ah, never to climb again. Thus in the dusk of the night, For clouds rolled in the sky and the moon was swallowed from sight, Pacing and gnawing his fists, Rahero raged by the shore. Vengeance that must be his.
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